Environment Awareness

Environmental education has become an inevitable tool in creating awareness on issues impacting the environment upon which we all depend, as well as actions we can take to improve and sustain it. The proposed outlay in this scheme is utilized for supporting various educational and awareness programmes such as Paristhithikam, Bhoomitrasena Clubs, seminars, workshops, quiz and film shows, publication of printed and electronic material for awareness on relevant environmental aspects and observance of internationally and nationally recognised days related to environment like the World Environment Day, World Wetland Day etc.
The major programmes co-ordinated by this plan scheme are as follows:


The Bhoomitrasena scheme initiated during 2011-12 has 354 clubs across educational institutions in the state and it will be extended to more colleges with support to ongoing educational institution aiming to all colleges and higher secondary schools of the State. These clubs also promotes responsible entrepreneurships among the students by promoting the production of cloth bags, medicinal plant, nursery, Butterfly Park, rainwater harvesting & recharge pits, nakshathravanam, star bee interpretation & organic farming and also to strengthen the Bhoomitrasena activities.


For the ongoing programmes such as “Paristhithikam‟- programme for creating state level environmental awareness through Non-Governmental Organisations, educational and training institutions, professional associations, scientific bodies and community organizations. The organisations singularly or in partnership with other organisations may organise programmes for creating environmental awareness followed by field action at local, regional and state level.